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RATSS Rules and Regulations

Please do not be late for Class of Rehearsals.

Please take note of any texts and information that is given to you.

Please do not forget music of scripts which may be given to you at class.

All mobile phones must be left in the box provided at your class and picked up after class.

All students must wear their uniform to class, Sunday Rehearsals and Show Rehearsals.

Should a student have an event to attend after class, you may change from your uniform after class in the toilets (time will be given to allow you to do this).

Accessories: No dangling jewellery e.g. Necklaces/large earrings/ bracelets etc.

No baseball caps/hats are to be worn as they are not part of your uniform Dress Code.

No Chewing gum allowed in class or theatre.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s): Please do not enter the hall while class is in progress. Any queries can be dealt with at the desk.

Once again, many thanks for your cooperations




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