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Ratss Terms and Conditions

1. Fee's:

All cheques made payable to Joe Conlan and not RATSS Stage School. If there is a cheque returned you will be responsible for that charge


2. Website:

Please check the website for school information, show and rehearsal times & dates.


3. Extra Rehearsals:

Extra Rehearsals on Sundays or when and if required. There is a €4 contribution for the 3 hours.


4. Anti-Bullying:

Please read this policy on the site.


5. Public Liability Insurance:

This is set with Murray Spellman in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.


6. Police Clearance and Child Protection:

This is set in place.


7. Artistic Ability;

Each student must stay at least 2 years in each class. Change in class is on ability only.


8. RATSS Contact:

Please make sure you have this stored under "RATSS Contact" on your mobile phones.


9. Costumes

Costumes made for the show production are hired and sometimes made and there
a cost contribution for


10. Show Shoes:

All students must have these and are for their show. These are purchased in class.


11. Fee's:

The Stage School will not be responsible for RATSS articles & goods lost at class or in the theatres.






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