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Our son Jake started classes with Joe afterschool in The Good shepherd national school last September, every Thursday. Jake has been singing and dancing since he was able to walk and talk! Being biased,we knew he was good but to here it from a professional like Joe, only cemented what we already believed. Jake took to it so well. After every Thursday class he would come out to me happy, smiling and full of chat about what he was rehearsing. Throughout the year Jake developed new friendships with the other children in the class which was huge for him as he struggles with autism. Joe has always been so kind and encouraging, developing each childs potential to it's fullest and for that we are truly grateful. When we went to view the "Let me entertain you" show recently in the Civic Theatre, we had no idea how many important roles Jake had. Our heart's were bursting with pride and that was all down to the dedication and hard work and vision of Joe, his staff and his students. The show was amazing. We are looking forward to very long and happy relationship with Joe and would like to take this opportunity to wish him many many more years of continued success. 
From a very happy mom,

Chantal Curry

In March of 2014 myself and five others were invited to Ratss to join their production of Les Miserables. I felt nervous joining a stage school full of new people but from the moment I stepped into the first rehearsal I was overwhelmed by the welcoming atmosphere. By the end of the first rehearsal I was hooked. Every week leading up to my first show with Ratss I couldn’t wait for the weekend to get back into rehearsals with everyone. By the end of Les Mis I had made a bunch of new friends and had experienced my first show in the Civic Theatre Tallaght. Following Les Mis came Grease. For me Grease was the first time I had a chance at trying a comedic role in a show. I was excited to go to every rehearsal to not only be around all my new friends but also to learn more about how to act and sing on stage. After Grease came Snow White, the Pantomime . This was the first time I was paired up with one of my favourite actors that I worked with in Ratss, Adam Dunne. Adam and I played two comedic roles and I’ll never forget the fun we both had on the stage. This was also the first time I performed alongside Joe on stage which was an experience in itself! This was the last show I preformed with Ratss in the Civic Theatre but was a very enjoyable show to be a part of.

Max Barry

“The Ratss stage school has become an inspiration in my daughter’s life. (Throughout her 11 year involvement). Joe and his team find talent in every individual and then bring out the best ..... giving students great confidence, respect and a huge sense of belonging in a fun filled , extremely professional and productive stage school. A wonderful positive environment for any child !

Maggie McCartney

Our daughter attended RATSS for 9 years and in that time was coached in all aspects of musical theatre, behind and in front of the curtain. We tried other schools before RATSS but can say that RATSS was absolutely the best experience and school we tried. She blossomed under the direction of Joe and his team, going from chorus to lead in many productions. Through her positive experience, she has gone on to study Singing for Musical Theatre and is currently preparing for her Grade 8 exams at the Royal Academy of Music Dublin and has achieved distinctions in all previous grades. She continues with MT to this day and has also secured parts in national senior productions. We believe that through Joe's unique methods of nurturing children's different talents in a positive, patient, inclusive and non-judgemental way allows his students to grown in confidence across all areas of musical theatre and life in general. Our daughter developed skills and friends she will keep for life and enjoyed every minute of her time spent at RATSS. We cannot speak highly enough of this school. Joe and his team's commitment and professionalism are a great example to the Junior Musical Theatre School business. 

Liam and Deborah Behan

I joined Ratss in 2012 and before that I didn't really have any interests or hobbies. I didn't know what I wanted to be when I was older as every kid thinks and I didn't have a lot of friends. But when I joined Ratss that changed everything, I knew what I want to do in life, I knew my passion was to act and my job to be involved with some type of drama. I've made so much friends for life in Ratss and I wouldn't trade them for the world. Being in Ratss is one of the best things for me as I get to do the thing I love with my closest friends. I've made so many memories and done so many shows with Ratss. I even got to perform in the Gaiety Theatre which has always been a dream of mine. I wouldn't trade my experience with Ratss for anything in the world. And there is plenty of more memories to come.

Adam Dunne

My name is Conor Reeves, and I have been involved in R.A.T.S.S. for a few years now. When I first joined R.A.T.S.S., I was quiet, shy, and reserved. Making friends and carrying conversations was a challenge for me.

However, when I joined R.A.T.S.S. I was introduced to a community of friendly, talented individuals. I made friends and greatly improved my social skills. Also, I had fun appearing in various roles, such as the Bishop of Digne in Les Misérables, Lankenstein in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and Galileo in We Will Rock You. R.A.T.S.S. has been a fantastic way to build self-confidence, meet other people, and take part in something fun and enjoyable.

Conor Reeves

 My first experience with RATSS was when I was sixteen. I auditioned for their Les Mis show and got the part of Marius. The entire process taught me a lot about commitment, having to rehearse three times a week required a lot of energy but proved rewarding. The show was very intricate in text and score, so the rehearsal times were valued and needed to be respected. The work that happens in RATSS provides a stable and all rounded theatrical base centred on performance, it gives a chance for people to explore stage work and learn the processes involved in preparing a show on grand scales. My times and training in Ratss was a great asset and has proved beneficial to me on many occasions. 

Theo Foley

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